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Heat Index for HotJobs

A couple weeks ago, Hotjobs went from being a somewhat useful job search tool to being one of my favorite job search tools with one little tweak: It started scouring the web for job listings and publishing them below the job openings listed in its database. It also makes wonderful use of RSS, which allows me to keep an eye on job postings without having to log in to the site or check my e-mail. Congratulations! I can think of something, though, that would make Hotjobs a lot better. Let’s call it a Heat Index.

When you’re applying daily, desperately, for jobs, there’s nothing more disheartening than the notion that a million other people are simultaneously checking out the same job you’re checking out. Of those millions, hundreds or thousands are probably applying for those jobs, forcing your resume into the middle of the heap. Under those conditions, your resume has about as much chance of being discovered as a pedophile in a parish. Hotjobs, though, has the ability to know how many times the job you’re looking at has been applied for, and it should use an indicator to let you know just how truly “hot” the job is. If fewer than 100 people have applied for the job, it would show the job as being hot. As more and more people began applying for the job, the indicator would slide ever closer to the dreaded tepid status. This would be useful for employers, too, because as important as finding the right employee might be, fighting your way through a glut of resumes seems little likely to make you better able to find the right choice.

It makes sense for the job seeker, and it makes sense for the employer, but I’ll be honest, I’m proposing this for my own sanity. I want to get a job!


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