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Milk and Cereal – Commercial Version

The day I began getting hits for a certain video I’d posted a link to, I knew that the video was something special. In fact, I’m still getting hits from people searching for the video: Milk and Cereal – Asian Version. I watched that video three times in a row. It was wonderful and funny, and the brilliance led me to seek out an original version which I watched and loved almost as much as the Asian Version. Before I continue, check out the original Milk and Cereal videos.


  1. Milk and Cereal – Asian Version
  2. Milk and Cereal – Original Version

What did I tell you? Pretty fantastic, huh? Well, those great videos were soon imitated by scores of people. I’d even wanted to do an African American version with my little brother. Even the imitators all are special in their own ways.


  1. Milk and Cereal – Google Video
  2. Milk and Cereal – Charlie – Google Video
  3. MiLk and CereaL – Google Video
  4. Mouse – Milk and Cereal – Google Video
  5. Milk and Cereal – Google Video

As much as I hate to see something like this destroyed by commercial
interests, I have to admit that these could be pretty powerful
commercials. Imagine creating a 90-second montage of this internet
footage for a Superbowl commerical. Or General Mills could even shoot
their own versions of these for thirty-second spots. This original
videos were powerful enough to send people flying to their camcorders
and webcams to replicate them. There’s just something special about
seeing these people enjoying lip-synching to such a joyful song. It
could really sell cereal. And for my next trick, I will figure out how to bring black-market baby-shopping into the mainstream.


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