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Earnest Pettie, comedy writer

Door to Door

 A lot, or more accurately, none of you have been wondering where the follow up to Man with a Moustache is. It’s coming. Matt Leach and I have done a lot of writing since Man with a Moustache but not much production. Matt did a music video for The Evangelicals, and we’ve both been working a lot. A little over a month ago, I moved to Los Angeles. Despite all that, we do have a project that is forthcoming. We’ve been working on a web series titled Door to Door about door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen.

With Door to Door, we wanted to get ten episodes written before we began any kind of production because there’s nothing worse than getting started on a project like this and not finishing due to a lack of follow through. I know this from first hand experience. The first project I ever really helmed was a web series that was really an overreach for the time– late 2000. It was called Campus and it consisted of every idea that I was fond of at that time. There were three main characters, college students, with overlapping storylines. One third of the show was a sitcom, one third a soap opera, and the other third an action-adventure. Each episode would follow just one of the characters and be confined to that character’s genre. Ideally, I wanted to do one episode in each genre each week, allowing the audience at home would decide what stories they wanted to follow. I was really trying to figure out how to differentiate internet entertainment from TV entertainment. We shot the action-adventure episode and aired put it up on the website, and we shot the soap opera segment, but I don’t know if we ever got it online. We never shot the third episode. The task was just too much for a two-person production crew, working part-time during college, to handle. Even if we had shot the third episode, the way I envisioned the show working, that would only have been one week’s worth of shows. I didn’t have a second week written! It was a shame because I think the idea had merit in terms of pushing the concept of internet entertainment. That experience has always stung because whether anyone would have watched the series or not, the lack of follow-through always bothered me.

Matt and I have written ten episodes of Door to Door, and we probably will get some more episodes written just to have on hand. Now we’re starting the revision process, and hopefully we’ll get to shooting this Spring. As we make progress on the show, I’ll keep you update here.

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