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Earnest Pettie, comedy writer

The Frank Caliendo Drinking Game

You may recognize Frank Caliendo. He does a million impressions, but he always looks like… Frank Caliendo. He was a part of the low-rated MadTV sketch comedy show. Now, he’s the star of the low-rated Frank TV sketch comedy show. Lately, he’s been starring in Dish Network commercials, where he shows off his multitude of impressions. Those commercials lead to the development of this, The Frank Caliendo Drinking Game.


  • Anytime one of Frank’s Dish Network ads airs on TV, the game starts.
  • You take a shot of your favorite alcoholic beverage the moment you recognize the impression he’s doing.
  • You take a quick shot whenever his impression makes you laugh.
  • You take a drink anytime his impression inspires you to actually watch Frank TV.
  • Finally, you take a shot anytime Frank Caliendo’s antics pursuade you to order Dish Network.
  • In the end you’re entirely sober, which leaves you in better control of your mental faculties for trying to figure out how in the world anyone ever thought that guy was any funny. Take a shot if you come up with a realistic answer.


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