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Been Done Seen That – My New Project

Been Done Seen That (BDST, for short)(link). What exactly is Been Done Seen That? Well, it’s an ebonic syntactical construction meaning “I have seen that, already.” It’s also a website that I have started, part experiment and part proof of my skills. There is a burgeoning field opening up for people who are skilled at exploiting social networks to market thing. In my case, I am most interested in promoting online video. I started the site to showcase my chops in that area. I spent this Summer establishing Stupidvideos’ Twitter cred, and I think I know enough about exploiting social networking that I could do it for anyone. I thought that if I could show that I could start a site from scratch and make it a part of the online conversation, that would be all he proof I’d need. So here’s my plan.

  • Content First. Before anything else, you have to have a product worth promoting. In the viral video world, you need to have not only what people want to see but what they don’t yet know they have to see. To that end, I’m resuming what I did at Stupidvideos by mining the internet for great content to post to my site.
  • Build Popularity. My next step is to make sure that people are looking at my content. So I am using the biggest levers that exist to build up the traffic to my site, without spending money. I’m using Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon and the other big communities to bring eyes to specific videos on BDST. Hopefully, that will familiarize people with the site and get them to start recognizing the name and URL.
  • Spread Content Outwards. After bringing people to my site, I need for them to start scattering my videos to the winds. For that I’m using social networks that facilitate reiteration. Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook encourage you to see what other people are looking at and, if you like it, repost it. To that end, I am beginning my Twitter campaign with the @seenthat (link) account. I am building an audience of people interested in viral videos with the goal of reaching 1,000 followers in one month’s time. I will also use Tumblr and Facebook to encourage repetition. I haven’t yet started my Facebook page for BDST because I’m taking a bit of time to conceive of a best use for the Facebook page.

The goal is to take an unknown quantity and make it known among the hardcore audience of viral video enthusiasts. Accomplishing that should show that I am capable of handling a mainstream site and helping to increase its popularity in the social networking world.


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