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New Invention: Brainstorming App

I have a lot of reasons to brainstorm when away from the computer: blog posts, script ideas, jokes, etc…. I have never been one of the kinds of guys who has been able to use more traditional means of keeping track of ideas. I can’t handle the embarrassment of talking into any device to record ideas for later. I get embarrassed doing that even in the privacy of my own home. On the other hand, I almost never have a pen and pad handy. If I have one, then the other is inevitably missing. The one way I have been able to keep notes is digitally. When I bought my first palm pilot, I finally had something that I could keep track of and use all the time for jotting down ideas. Then I lost it. That is the problem with using non-networked digital devices to keep track of anything. When the device is gone– so are your books, movies, music, and ideas. An ideal solution for me and, I assume, many others, would be to use one of the devices we keep on ourselves and store the information remotely.


When you think about it, those little bits of ideas that come to you and must be jotted down or else be forgotten are ideal for microblogging. Think Twitter. Unlike the ideas released into the Twitter ecosphere, these ideas are not meant to be seen by the public. After all, they are the seeds that must grow into full blown ideas. They have to be private. They should be hidden away and stored in your Integrated Digital Journal Idea Tracker, your IDJIT.


The Core:


The core of the service is the IDJIT site, to which all of the IDJIT clients send your updates. Like other microblogging services, your updates are listed chronologically from the most recent entry through the oldest. That is the primary microblog view with which we are all familiar. You may, however, opt for a journal view, which reorders your thoughts from the oldest through the newest and removes timestamps. Instead of the standard microblog display, this view takes place in a text editor screen. Additionally, you may tag your entries with different subjects and interact with those subjects as their own idea threads.




There are many ways you may send your brainstorms to yourself. You may send text messages from your cell phone, instant messages from your IM client, or E-mail. These provide you with standard text functionality. Mobile App interaction would extend your functionality by allowing you to add images or voice (which would be transcribed).




I have not thought this through entirely, but maybe the standard interaction would be free, but you would have to pay to interact by mobile App. The fee per update would be minimal. Maybe 2 cents. 1 cent would be the fee, and 1 cent would go into the user’s account. Thus the more the user interacts with the service through the mobile app, the greater his or her personal account grows, and at the end of each month, the total savings is transferred to the user through Paypal. That way it feels as if the user is getting a bonus just for being creative and brainstorming with IDJIT.


These are just my initial ideas on the service. I’ve been juggling these ideas in my mind over the past couple days, probably because I don’t have an IDJIT yet.


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