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A Process For Real-World To Digital Place Shifting

This is a process that will allow people to transfer their places in physical and traditional media to digital media on various platforms.

  1. Print. The process for syncing your place in a book or magazine can happen through one of several means.
  1. Scannable code. By marking each page in a book or magazine with a discreet code, a publisher makes it possible for an end user to scan the code with a barcode reader, which indicates the user’s place in the book or magazine and relays that location to a central server. The server receives the message, matches the location to the title and page in its database, and relays the user’s location to the platform that is home to that user’s book or magazine, marking the user’s place in the book or magazine.
  2. The page, itself, could be the code. Given that words on a printed page already form unique patterns, using a mobile device to “scan” a page would allow the transmission of that page to a remote server to have that title/location further transmitted to the digital platforms that are home to the user’s texts.
  • The process for syncing a place in a TV show or movie between broadcast and video-on-demand platforms would rely on an audio fingerprint with optional video or TV guide backups.
    1. When activated, a software client would listen analyze the five seconds of a TV show or movie’s audio and compare it to a database to match the tv show/movie, and find the location in that TV show/movie. In the case of multiple responses, the software could rely on video to distinguish the selection. After finding the designated program and position in the program, the software would send that information to a server, which would then relay the program/position information on to the user’s preferred VOD providers.
    2. The software client could be built into the DVR/set-top box hardware, or it could exist on a mobile device. If the client were built into hardware, it could automatically be activated by
    1. Pressing Stop during the playback of a movie or TV show.
    2. Pressing pause during playback.
    3. Powering down the hardware.

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