Midseason Replacement

Earnest Pettie, comedy writer


Hello everyone. My name is Earnest Pettie, and I am a comedy writer who has published a book of short stories and written two short films. I’m from Oklahoma, but I live in Los Angeles. My aim is to work in television, but until that happens, I’ll be keeping myself busy writing short indie projects. These days, I’m trying to get a short web series produced that I’ve written with my writing partner, Matt Leach. If you’d like more information on the webseries, feel free to contact me. To check out some of my past work, click on the Film/Video tab. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog’s feed to be automatically notified when the blog is updated.


One comment on “About

  1. Ricky Sanftner
    April 21, 2008


    I found your ad on ‘Zoho’ about your film (Door-To-Door) and see that you are in need of cast and crew in Tulsa.

    Could you please tell me more details of what you are looking for (in both cast and crew).

    Thank you.

    Ricky Sanftner
    McAlester, Oklahoma

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